The Secret Life of the Homeschooled Child with Autism (click here)

I don’t understand why my mom has taken me out of school.  Everybody loved me. My teachers were excited about me going to a special school next year. Our class had weekly field trips to McDonald’s and Walmart.  Nobody ever made me do things I didn’t want to do or anything.  I loved riding my … Continue reading

Charming Speech Delay

The Biggest Reason a Child Falls Behind

  Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything) (web site) One of the biggest reasons a child falls behind in early childhood is because parents don’t know the techniques to teach their child new skills.   Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything) gives you the tips and tricks that professionals use to help … Continue reading


Astronomy Day – Enjoy these Events in the U.S.

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springtime fun

Springtime Fun for Youngsters!

Games, songs, early reading and much more for the preschool set! Click here to go to Springtime Fun!


Heart of Brilliance – Preschool Skills

Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything) Special Note:  My son with autism dropped final consonants and had much difficulty pronouncing words until he learned to read.  You may find that autism speech improves dramatically once the child is able to grasp phonics. Once your child has mastered using their body and … Continue reading


Heart of Brilliance – Infant Through Toddler

This list reveals what your child will need to learn as quickly as they are able. Your child should be crawling by about 9 months, walking by about a year and, by their second birthday, they should know about 50 words and  be able to combine into simple sentences. I had one child who ran … Continue reading

Charming Speech Delay

The Secret to a Happy Childhood

Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything) Introduction The traditional family lifestyle of a loving (yet restrained) spirit in the home, well-planned meals and cleanliness, a good education, church attendance and wholesome free-time activities remains as the best possible foundation in giving your child a good start in life. This lifestyle … Continue reading

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