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Think of Toys as “Tools”

Think of Toys as “Tools” Unless it’s a toy that you’ve designated as an “everyday” toy, sort all new toys into theme boxes and rotate them in and out of your child’s everyday life. A toy has the most “power” if your child is highly interested in it and it’s new or has been put … Continue reading

Happy Little Hands 3-5

All four pages follow below.  If you need even more information, go to

Easy Language Overview for Kids with Autism

This is an overview of all of the different types of activities that you can do to help your child speak.  More to come or go to website at Free Fun for Kids or see book at Achieving Brilliance at Home (How to Teach Your Child Almost Anything).  

Teach WOMAN Before “Mama” Unless You Want Him Calling ALL Women, “Mama”.

The reason to teach them MAN and WOMAN before “Mama” and “Daddy” is because they can get confused and starting calling all women, “Mama”, and all men, “Daddy”. Ouch! Teach boy and man before girl and woman so they can identify themself.

4 Starter Steps for Teaching Early Words

When you’re first starting to teach your child new words, you want to keep it as simple, easy and fun as possible. Although many experts advise that you “immerse your child in language” and read all the words to books and describe everything your’re doing as you do it, I feel that confuses a child … Continue reading

“Autism Mother of the Year” Contest

Announcing the first annual “Autism Mother of the Year” Contest. Please go to and sign up for e-mails to receive information as it becomes available.  

The Secret Life of the Homeschooled Child with Autism (click here)

I don’t understand why my mom has taken me out of school.  Everybody loved me. My teachers were excited about me going to a special school next year. Our class had weekly field trips to McDonald’s and Walmart.  Nobody ever made me do things I didn’t want to do or anything.  I loved riding my … Continue reading