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Best of Valentine’s Day for Early Childhood

Sending a little love your way – find my “Best of Valentine’s Day” games, activities, recipes, cards, poems, recipes and more! Click on the pictures at my site to follow the links. Enjoy!   Best of Valentine’s Day Fun

Alice in Wonderland Post Card Front

Valentine’s Day – Alice in Wonderland – Math Party

Would a fresh and talented outsider perk things up at your school? Math Parties by Jeanne Mifflin

c ginger

Quick Ideas for Toddler Talk

If you’re having trouble reading or printing these bookmarks onto card stock, please send me your e-mail address below and I’ll be happy to send you the PowerPoint document to print out for yourself.  Enjoy!  

ABAH African

Game Name: Congo Rescue!

  Hurry! Line up DECIMAL stones BEFORE the snakes, fish or crocodiles get you!  Get thrown the life preserver and pulled out of the Congo River as fast as you can! African Safari Rescue & Decimal Quest Find a great movie you can use for inspiration for this unit.  The one I used pulled police … Continue reading

Singleton Hooky Day

Wakesetter was so fun at Singleton Marine Group “Hooky Day” and Liquid Force BROstock yesterday! 2014 Wakesetter   Jeanne Mifflin, Creator & Producer, The Executive Toy Trends Experience (High-Tech, Luxury, Purchase Fundraiser for STEM Education)— at Lake Lanier.  

ABAH Alien Sock Hop

Want to Make 5th Grade Math Fun? Have an Alien Sock Hop & Martian Measurement Party!

Pretend your space craft has fallen through a tear in time and landed in you in 1950’s America.  Then, imagine aliens really did invade the Earth.  Now, imagine they turned out to be friendly and fun!   Achieving Brilliance at Home – Paperback “Look Inside” Achieving Brilliance at Home – Kindle “Look Inside”


One Child, My Child, Is Worth It!

People used to ask me, “Why would you go through all that for just one child?”</


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